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School of Humanities, Education, Justice & Social Sciences

Patricia Roy, M.A.

Office: Winslow

Tel: 617-243-2175



  • M.A. English, 2004, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Professor Roy is an experienced professor, freelance writer, and former high school English teacher who understands the freshmen transition and applies interdisciplinary approach to teaching of literature and the writing process. She is also a poet. Below is a timeline of her achievements.

October 2012

poems, “Poetry is the first sign of Spring” and “Pine Grove at Weir Hill” due to be published in Chamber Four Literary Magazine

February 2011

received official Commendation for College Writing II Syllabus, UMass-Lowell

February 2011

received Research Across the Curriculum Grant for ENG102

July 2009

published “The Changeling Maid” in Goblin Fruit

January 2007

received Lasell Davis Grant for ENG102

April 9, 2004

presented “Ecocriticism; or Initiation in the Forest” at Spring English Graduate Colloquium

March 3, 2004

presented on the use of weblogs in the composition classroom  at the Symposium on 21st Century Teaching Technologies

March 28, 2004

presented at Annual Women’s Art and Poetry Festival

What is important for your students to take away from your classes?
"It is important for each student to find something of value in the class although that may not be the same thing for each student. Some students may be inspired by the readings or discussions, while others may learn something about how to communicate more professionally or creatively."