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School of Health Sciences

Esther M. Pearson, Ed.D.


Office: Science and Technology Center

Tel: 617-243-2455



  • Ed.D Mathematics and Science, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
  • M.S. Engineering Management, Western New England College
  • B.S. Engineering Technology, Youngstown State University


  • MATH 203 Precalculus
  • MATH 208 Statistics
  • MATH 116 Merchandising and Financial Mathematics
  • MATH 109 Modern Mathematics

Dr. Pearson has made significant contributions over the past 25 years through corporate industry positions from engineer to engineering director. She has authored books, developed curriculum, designed industry programs and advocated for technology policy both nationally and internationally.

Her academic career includes positions in higher education since 1983 to the present wherein she was a Mathematics professor for Springfield College in Massachusetts and Rivier College in New Hampshire. She has also held positions as an Information Systems professor for Western New England College and Rivier College. She is a senior STEM Consultant and has presented for the US Department of Labor, Harvard University, and MIT.

What is your teaching philosophy for Lasell courses?
"I believe in teaching to help students construct knowledge. This entails making statements and asking directive and thought-shaping questions so that students, through their answers and feedback, are able to construct what they know and learn. Students are best served by an education that allows them to build upon what they know by anchoring their previous knowledge and experience to new information. Making these connections goes a long way in retaining what they have learned and then applying it to everyday situations. This also gives them a foundation and structure to use to be life-long learners."