Student Web Designers

JESSIE BOWENS, Fashion Communication & Promotion 2018

Jessie dedicated much of her under graduate studies to the Lasell Fashion Collection, as an intern and a member of the Collection Research and Management course.  Jessie's efforts were fruitful: she contributed data to the collection providing a detailed and comprehensive overview of a number of archives including an assortment of mid-19th century Godey's Lady's books. Because of Jessie's efforts, these resources are now available for scholarly review. She also worked on revising the website for the collection and made significant contributions including the creation of an online catalogue of original fashions by designer Leo Narducci. The information is beautifully organized and thoughtfully researched.

REBECCA GLICK, Fashion Design and Production 2019

Rebecca joined the Research and Collection Team for the Lasell Fashion Collection in January 2018.  As a designer who focuses mainly on costumes, she is constantly inspired by the styles from history. Working with the LFC has provided Rebecca with a way to interact and combine all of her passions into such an important body of work.

LAUREN MUSZYNSKI, Fashion and Retail Merchandising 2019

Lauren is a creative and passionate  merchandising student who joined the Collection and Research team in the fall semester of 2018. " I was honored and excited when Professor Carey asked me to be apart of this team. The Fashion History class had really sparked my interest in learning about the past and the art of fashion,  so I couldn't say no to working with this beautiful collection."

ERIKA PATNAUDE, Fashion Communication and Production 2018

Erika achieved a significant milestone in redesigning the website for the Lasell Fashion Collection, which included exceptional research, technological, and organizational proficiencies. As both an intern and student in the Collection Research and Management course, Erika worked on organizing a comprehensive print archive on fashion designer Gnyuki "Yuki" Torimaru  as well as positioning the Ladies Godey's assortment to be part of the online collections. She also conducted a thorough review of the original website which enabled the redesigned site to become a reality.

SARAH REESE, Fashion Design and Production 2020

Sarah joined the Research team in September 2018. As someone who enjoys history, she was excited when offered the opportunity to work with the collection. The LFC has allowed her to experience hands-on learning while working with the website and the rest of the team. Sarah hopes to become a childrenswear designer one day, yet is open to all of the possibilities fashion has to offer.


With Special Appreciation  
The redesign of the Lasell Fashion Collection (LFC) website would not be possible without Phillip Spencer's unwavering support and expertise. He provided excellent training regarding the CSM system as well as functional solutions throughout the process of editing and creating a site that supports museum standards.