The Lasell Catalogue of Artistry in Fashion

The Lasell Catalogue of Artistry in Fashion

Jill Carey, Professor & Curator of the Lasell Fashion Collection

The Lasell Catalogue of Artistry in Fashion, supported by The National Endowment for the Arts, is an online multimedia educational resource highlighting significant techniques in fashion design. In collaboration with the Smithsonian-affiliated American Textile History Museum, Lasell College’s fashion department has developed the Catalogue by categories, including Fur, Embroidery, Couture Techniques and Millinery. Vintage and contemporary examples of innovative and striking designs are showcased to highlight the artistry of each classification. A series of museum-quality photographs detail the art and craft involved, while three-dimensional imagery, video demonstrations, and interviews with current artists bring the Catalogue to life.

The Lasell Catalogue of Artistry in Fashion provides an interactive timeline of designer reviews. 
Fur Couture

Fur is one of the oldest materials known to human kind. Its evolution into the luxury market provides designers with a visually stunning and inspirational textile from which to create versatile and wearable garments.

Haute couture refers to clothing that is custom made by hand. Couture pieces display the finest sewing techniques and fabrications as well as the creators’ vision.
Embroidery Millinery

“Many fashion trends seem to be heavily focused on the little details, specifically, embellishment. Embroidery in particular is especially alluring; there are a wide variety of techniques that are associated with this craft, and it is suited for nearly any kind of raw material, so long as it can be spun into thread.” -Victoria and Albert Museum.

“A hat is not just a hat. A hat is the expression of a woman’s soul.” -Lilly Daché.

Millinery is a timeless element to fashion and the finishing touch associated with many great ensembles.
Lasell College American Textile History Museum


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