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School of Fashion

Gail Jauregui, M.B.A.

Gail Jauregui

Office: Donahue

Tel: 617-243-2258



  • MBA, Lasell University, Newton, MA - (anticipated graduation December 2019)
  • B.B.A. University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • Certificate of Fashion, School of Fashion Design, Boston, MA

Lasell was my first experience in teaching. Upon a referral from a friend, I came to Lasell as an adjunct in 2010 while on maternity leave after leaving a position at Reebok. What I thought would be a temporary situation, turned into a love of teaching and Lasell University, and an 8 year stay as a part-time teacher. Until February 2018, I worked in the garment industry as a pattern-maker and technical designer. I became a full-time faculty member in September 2018.

Courses: Patternmaking, Clothing Construction, Apparel Product Development, Lectra Modaris, Lectra Kaledo, Photoshop and Illustrator

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
Always a creative kid, I began knitting at age 7 and sewing at age 9.  This interest in craft sparked a lifetime passion for style and fashion.  Grappling with the decision to pursue design in college, my parents encouraged me toward business.  I majored in General Business and Finance with a concentration in English.  After working 4 years in the financial industry, I could not suppress my creativity and pursued a certificate of design at the School of Fashion Design.  I was recruited to a company as an assistant patternmaker and the rest is history!

What is important for your students to take away from your classes?
Not only do I want my students to have a complete understanding of the material that I am teaching, but I also hope to extend to them my passion for fashion and all that it entails.    

How does your professional background influence your time in the classroom with students?
My 25 years in the mass market fashion industry is crucial to what I deliver to my students.  Teaching from this viewpoint, I can convey to students what they should expect to encounter when they enter the garment industry.  Having learned from a group of Italian master patternmakers, I am grateful to have the knowledge about details and nuances of fitting and drafting that are difficult to learn in today's global market.  In turn, I am delighted to pass this on to my students.