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Department of Fashion Faculty


Richard Bath, M.Ed.

Professor Emeritus

Lynn Blake

Lynn Blake, M.F.A.

Professor of Fashion, Program Chair of Fashion Design and Production

Office: Donahue

Tel: 617-243-2365

Faculty profile picture

Jill Carey, M.Ed.

Professor of Fashion, Curator of the Lasell Fashion Collection

Office: Donahue

Tel: 617-243-2299


Maritza Cantero Farrell, M.S.A.E.

Associate Professor of Fashion

Office: Donahue

Tel: 617-243-2416

Gail Jauregui

Gail Jauregui, M.B.A.

Assistant Professor of Fashion, Internship Coordinator

Office: Donahue

Tel: 617-243-2258

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