5 Reasons to Attend COMDay 2017

5 Reasons to Attend COMDay


Network: COMDay provides you the opportunity to meet and network with professionals in the industry.


Learn: The panels are filled with communication professionals who share reflections on their experiences within Public Relations, Advertising, Sports Communication, Radio Production, Journalism, and more.


Explore: Lasell alumni come to COMDay to share their experiences after Lasell, and meet and network with current students. COMDay also provides you the opportunity to learn about the opportunities within the expanding and dynamic industry.


Cultural Perspective: COMDay 2017 will focus on how culture is represented within the media, particularly film and the news. Panels will dive into how refugees, people with disabilities, and minorities are represented in media, and discuss the growing movement to grow such representation.


Alan Ives: The keynote speaker for COMDay 2017 will be Alan Ives, Vice President of ABCNews. Mr. Ives is a multi-Emmy winner and will be speaking on creatively positioning, branding and marketing news, and information to reach audiences across all screens.

COMDay is open to the Lasell community and beyond. Share your experiences at COMDay 2017 with #LasellCOMDay.

Lasell not only had a communications program, but a variety of concentrations for me to get involved in, I knew it was the perfect fit.

Olivia Addington

Public Relations, 2019

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