Interview with Dr. Thomas

Interview with Dr. Dwayne Thomas

Dwayne ThomasWhat is the current state of the sport industry?

  • The sport industry needs professionals prepared to handle the growing demands of an industry that has grown to be the 6th fastest industry in the world.

Why should someone consider earning a master's in sport management?

  • Lasell's Master of Science in Sport Management program offers cutting edge preparation for sustainable and exciting careers in the Sport Industry.

What distinguishes Lasell's program from others?

  • Our courses and connected learning activities prepare students to lead, manage, and administer to a variety of challenges in the sport industry:
    • managing a diverse and multitalented workforce, marketing, promoting, and managing sporting events
    • generating significant revenue
    • managing that revenue as well as multi-million and even billion dollar budgets
    • understanding the increasingly dynamics of operating on the global stage, to host and sustain regional, national, and international sporting events
    • building and sustaining partnerships with governments and governing agencies

Can you give a few examples of the course offerings?

  • You will gain relevant skills in courses such as International Sport Management, Managing Diversity in Sport Organizations, Research and Design in the Sport Industry, and Writing and Reporting Research in Sport.

Any parting thought or last comment?

  • It is professional preparation that sets programs and students apart from the rest. Students looking to take on new challenges and leadership roles in the Sport Industry will find everything that they need (here at Lasell) to respond and lead sport organizations to and through the most challenging situations in the Sport Industry.