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School of Humanities, Education, Justice & Social Sciences

Sarahbeth Golden, Ph.D.


Office: Plummer

Tel: 617-243-2363



  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Suffolk University
  • M.A. Psychology, Suffolk University
  • B.S. Psychology, University of Iowa


  • PSYC 101 Psychological Perspectives
  • PSYC 202 Psychology of Personality
  • PSYC 205 Human Sexuality
  • PSYC 333 Research Lab: Romantic Relationship Functioning
  • PSYC 333 Research Lab: Sex Education & Sexual Attitudes
  • HON 101 Reality TV: Truth or Trash?
  • HON 305 The Wire: Class, Power, Crime & Choice
  • HS 417 Senior Seminar: Field Intervention Strategies
  • HS 427 Senior Seminar: Systems & Organizational Change
  • FYS The Reality of Relationships


Professor Sarahbeth Golden earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and completed training in college counseling centers and an outpatient mental health clinic specializing in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. This background helps her apply a clinical, strength-based framework to her courses while providing her with a strong ability to form connections with her students. She enjoys helping students see how psychology relates to their everyday lives, and seeing them develop their ability to “think like psychologists.”

Professor Golden's psychological research focuses on romantic relationship functioning and attachment. She is also interested in the roles that family and education play in young adults’ development, with a particular focus on sexual attitudes and beliefs. Professor Golden is also fascinated by connections between individuals’ media consumption and their relationship beliefs and expectations.

What do you like about teaching at Lasell?

“I like teaching at Lasell because I can be creative in the construction of my courses and in the delivery of the material. The students are a big part of why I love what I do – I enjoy my students’ energy, great use of humor, and honest reactions to my teaching. Teaching here is an adventure – no semester feels the same and I’m consistently energized by my students’ involvement in my courses.”