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School of Humanities, Education, Justice & Social Sciences

Betsy Leondar-Wright, Ph.D.


Office: Klingbeil

Tel: 617-243-2140



  • Ph.D. Sociology, Boston College
  • M.A. Sociology, Boston College
  • B.A. Sociology, Boston College


  • SOC 101 Sociological Imagination
  • SOC 301 Race and Ethnicity
  • SOC 223 Social Movements
  • Special Topics: Social Change in Action

From 1986 to 2015  Dr. Leondar-Wright worked for economic justice non-profit organizations, including as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Human Services Coalition, the Communications Director of United for a Fair Economy for 9 years, and Class Action for five years. She has also been a voluntary participant in many environmental and social justice groups.

Since 2012 Dr. Leondar-Wright has taught courses in inequality, social movements and other sociology topics at Boston College, Harvard University, UMass Amherst and Tufts University.

How does your professional background influence your time in the classroom with students?
"I know from my own experience that collective action can work to bring about positive change. I want to bring that knowledge and that experience to students so that they can make a difference in reducing injustices they care about."

Do you have a blog/website you’d like visitors to to visit?
Yes – I especially hope that students who are the first in their families to go to college will visit Class Action’s First Gen resource section.  

Do you have any publications/links you would like students to be made aware of?
My latest book, Missing Class: Strengthening Social Movement Groups by Seeing Class Cultures (Cornell University Press 2014), has been made into a lively, interactive website and can be found here.