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Meet the LFC Staff

Professor of Historic Fashion and Curator of the Lasell Fashion Collection 

The relationship between dress and cultural understanding is at the core of Jill Carey's teaching and research in the field of historic clothing. She was honored by Lasell College as the Joan Weiler Arnow Professor'49, a three-year endowed position awarded for excellence in teaching and community impact. Carey has presented on various topics related to historic and contemporary fashion at a variety of academic institutions, corporations, and professional conferences in the United States and abroad. In addition, she has co-authored two books, The Fashionable Nurse and Fashion and Satire. Her curatorial efforts on behalf of the Lasell Fashion Collection have resulted in a National Endowment for the Arts grant award and recognition as "Best College Collection" by Boston Magazine. Jill Carey consistently works with students to install public exhibitions that feature artifacts housed in the Lasell Fashion Collection. Venues such as the American Textile History Museum, the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation, Rosecliff Mansion and the Society of Illustrators in NYC have hosted such collaborations centered on experiential education. Most recently, Jill guided the transfer of over 1,200 museum-quality artifacts into the LFC and purposefully collected traditional dress from Vietnam, Mexico and Japan to further develop the global profile of the collection. In the years prior to her faculty appointment at Lasell College, Jill Carey developed and expanded the study of historic clothing as a core requirement in a variety of fashion programs in the Boston area.

Teaching Mission:
I seek to nurture an enthusiasm for the study of historic and contemporary fashion by illustrating my own zest for the material. I love what I do and express this passion through connected learning opportunities associated with the Lasell Fashion Collection as a tangible educational resource. I believe that a keen interest in the field starts with the sense that one has a contribution to make; therefore, I encourage each student to discover personal connections between history, dress, identity and culture.