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School of Business

Martin Walsh, Ph.D.


Office: DeArment

Tel: 617-243-2453



  • MIT A.C.E Post Doctorate. Advanced Certificate in Executive Education in: Management and Leadership; Strategy and Innovation: Technology and Operations and Innovation. (Twenty five credit hours at The Sloan Graduate School of Business, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Ph.D. in LPS (Foreign Investment in Asia and the Political and Social Consequences), Northeastern University
  • C.A.G.S. International Business, Northeastern University
  • M.A. International History, Northeastern University
  • M.B.A. Executive Management, Anna Maria College
  • B.A. History, Calvin Coolidge College


  • BUSS 237 Global Leadership
  • BUSS 315 Emerging Markets
  • BUSS 332 Cross Cultural Management

Professor Martin Walsh is certified as a Foreign Service Officer in Asian Languages and Area Studies. Areas of professional interest include managerial excellence in dynamic organizational environments; international business; international economic policy; and managerial entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. He holds memberships in the Council on Foreign Relations and other policy and commerce based organizations.

Professor Walsh has been the recipient of numerous teaching awards over his career. He was Massachusetts Teacher of the Year and was awarded for teaching excellence at Northeastern University and Emmanuel College. In addition to teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses for Lasell University, he has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Arts and Sciences and Business at Northeastern University, Emmanuel College and Anna Maria College.

What is important for your students to take away from your classes?
"One of the most important things I wish students to take from my classes is an awareness that knowledge is a form of power that provides opportunities but also requires high responsibility. When students become empowered with knowledge their opportunities for personal and professional success and happiness are increased dramatically; this also means that their responsibilities to themselves, to others, and to society also increase. To those whom much is given much will be expected. Our students are highly intelligent and with that intelligence goes a high responsibility to others."

What is your teaching philosophy for Lasell courses?
A knowledge and acceptance of one’s self and others and the development of expert knowledge in one’s professional career that will provide for personal happiness and societal well-being.