Lasell Works

Lasell Works

Lasell Works

A Lower-Cost Approach to a College Degree

Lasell Works is a new cost-saving way for students to earn their degree at a declining tuition rate over four years.

Lasell Works combines both online and on-campus classroom learning with credit-bearing part-time work, that provides students with a pathway to a bachelor's degree at a significant tuition savings.

Eligible students will spend their sophomore year in online courses that focus on public speaking, organizational behavior, time management, project-based problem solving, and communications skills. Additionally, students are required to maintain a part-time job for at least 16 hours a week—to apply lessons from their courses to their tasks and relationships at work.

Lasell Works is an immersive four-year experience that provides those enrolled with the skills, perspective, and cost-savings needed to launch a successful and meaningful career immediately after graduation.

Students enrolled in Lasell Works are still eligible for financial aid and scholarships, as well as a guaranteed declining tuition rate.

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Declining Tuition Cost

Tuition will decrease over four years of study.

College Degree

Experience a new approach to traditional four year degree.

Professional Experience

In a required job sophomore year you will gain valuable insights into a professional, career-oriented position.

Online & Accessible

Classes held online are taught by our faculty in a cutting edge Learning Management System.

I consider teaching a journey of ideas, challenging surface interpretations of subject matter.

Jill Carey, M.Ed.

Professor of Fashion

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