The Lasell Works program combines selected academic majors with a heightened professional focus and a dramatically reduced cost of education. The degree program provides all of the elements of our traditional bachelor's degree with an added series of six professionally focused credit-bearing seminars woven throughout the Lasell Works experience. Seminars emphasize leadership, financial literacy, professional and career development.

Students not only benefit from the added learning experience but tuition costs go down each of the student's four years, a potential four year savings of $22,000 to $38,000.

How does it work?

Year One:
Commuter Cost: $36,000 minus financial aid
Resident Cost: $36,000 plus Room and Board minus financial aid

Students live on or off campus and take their major courses and two cohort based seminars. The Lasell Works First Year Seminar, a signature foundational experience, engages students in an academic topic related to the world of work while developing the relationships important to cohort learning. In the spring, the second Lasell Works Seminar (LWS) equips students with strategic on-line learning techniques as they prepare for the sophomore year living and studying away from campus.

Year Two: 
Commuter Cost: $32,000 minus financial aid
Resident Cost: $32,000 minus financial aid (no Room and Board charge, students live at home or off campus )

Lasell Works students live off-campus and courses are provided on-line. Students maintain part-time employment, which is linked to a professional development seminar, earning income and credit at the same time. Course options include data analytics, social media for business, effective speaking, organizational behavior, marketing, global literature, leadership and others. Students may continue participation in clubs and campus events if they choose to do so.

Year Three: 
Commuter Cost: $28,000 minus financial aid
Resident Cost: $28,000 plus Room and Board minus financial aid

Students engage further in their major degree courses and participate in a Leadership Development Seminar, exploring leadership models, their own leadership style and reflecting on the connections between leadership, professionalism, and organizational communication. With proper planning, students may also opt to study abroad using the College's home tuition model.

Year Four:  
Commuter Cost: $26,000 minus financial aid
Resident Cost: $26,000 plus Room and Board minus financial aid

Students complete their degree requirements in their major course of study and participate in the culminating professional development seminar, which focuses on financial literacy and developing personal financial goals for life.


Lasell Works students participate in six seminars as a cohort, sharing a common experience as they explore professional career possibilities, reflect on personal strengths, and examine areas of potential growth all while working towards their bachelor's degree. Students have access to all of the clubs, organizations and co-curricular programming and services of the College, including academic support, health and counseling services, academic advising, fitness facilities, library resources, and career services. All Lasell students participate in at least one professional internship, many choose more. Working closely with an advisor, students may choose to study abroad under the Lasell home tuition model. All academic plans are customized and outlined per program of study.


While the cost of tuition decreases each year, a four year total of $22,000, most students will see dramatic reductions in their out of pocket expenses as scholarships and financial aid are applied to their account. Resident students have the added savings of second year room and board. For examples of actual student awards, please review these cost worksheets