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What is an Internship?

What is an Internship?
Internships are a great way to advance your career through networking and gaining knowledge about a specific work environment. Internships can help confirm your choice of major or lead you in a new direction. Internships are available to everyone from students to career changers and offer invaluable experience in a field you might want to explore without the commitment of a full time job.

When should I do an Internship and how many should I do?
Most internships are done during the junior and senior years of college, when a student has begun taking classes toward their major; however there is no limit to the number of internships a student can do. More than one internship can help build a resume and focus and solidify a career path for a student. It also gives the person an opportunity to test many different fields. At Lasell University, we encourage students to participate in internships and get acquainted in their field of study with our Connected Learning philosophy.

Students can do internships for academic credit as well as not-for-credit, so while a department may put a limit on how many for-credit Internships a student can do, there is never a limit to how many non-credit opportunities a student explores. Internships for credit can be taken during the fall and spring semesters, as well as in the summer, if you enrolled in the field work class in your department. The summer internship field work class is taught on-line.

Types of Internships
Internship experiences include a variety of opportunities from every possible career path. No matter what your interests, the Director of Internship Programs, Career Services staff and Lasell faculty can help you find a fulfilling internship in various settings, from for-profit corporations to not-for-profit organizations and government agencies.

How do I find an Internship?
Finding an internship is similar to finding a job: it takes time! To find the Internship that is right for you, begin by talking to a Career Counselor or the Director of Internship Programs. If you are not sure what internship would interest you, begin with finding out about yourself through Career Tests, which your Career Counselor can provide.

Other options for finding Internships:

Speak to our Director of CCBL and Internship Programs, Nickki Dawes
View our Internship Resources