Tyler Hetu

Internship: The Georgetowner

Tell us about your day-to-day responsibilities as an intern. 
I had the opportunity to manage a spreadsheet that included all events that ran through the desks of The Georgetowner. I had to insert each event into the spreadsheet manually, and did so every day I was at work. I was also given the opportunity to cover whichever events I chose, primarily picking sports related events because it is part of my career path and it is where I felt most comfortable.

What is the atmosphere like? 
A typical office atmosphere, often quiet because everyone is doing their work at the computer. It's exactly what you would expect when working at a desk in an office.

What experiences at Lasell helped you prepare for this internship? 
My course with Marie Franklin (Journalism I) helped me significantly in my work. Along with that, my Public Speaking course with Prof. Janbek and Media Ethics with Prof. Bailey groomed me well for what I did.

How did your courses at Lasell relate to your internship? 
The Journalism I course helped me in the obvious factor in that I was working as a journalist. If I never took the course I wouldn't have been successful or known what I was doing when it came to approaching how I wrote articles or how I managed my time when deadline approached. The Public Speaking class helped when it came to interviewing others for article quotes and requesting media accessibility, and Media Ethics helped me know the guidelines in what I should or shouldn't post as content.

What has been your favorite part of being an intern? 
The experiences. When I had the lanyard on with the media credential, I felt invincible in a way. I loved seeing what goes on beyond what I see on TV or what I read in articles. Having the opportunity to work with full access to the Georgetown Hoyas Basketball team was something I never took for granted under The Georgetowner. It was easily my favorite part. 

If this internship hasn't met your expectations, what kind of internship will you pursue next time.
Something that met all my interests when it came to writing. I didn't exclusively cover sports because The Georgetowner doesn't cover it, so I had struggles with writing about either politics or local news.

Is this still the career path you want to move towards? 

Have you made any valuable connections? 
I have, I made connections with people within Sirius XM Radio, Georgetown Hoyas basketball, and the Washington Nationals.

Any favorite moments or memories at your internship? 
Interviewing Katie Ledecky, Simone Biles, Madison Kocian, and having a drink with Aly Raisman.