Katelynn Staples

Internship: TESstylist

Tell us about your day-to-day responsibilities as an intern.
My responsibilities as an intern vary from day-to-day depending on what company we're working with, what event we're helping to produce, and whether I am doing the prep-work or assisting the day-of the project. TESstyist does the styling for photoshoots, commercial shoots, and runway shows, and our duties include shopping with a specific budget, putting outfits together, and styling on-set.

What is the atmosphere like? 
The atmosphere is always different depending on the company but is usually a fun and inviting energy, where everyone is excited for the final product.

What experiences at Lasell helped you prepare for this internship? 
The communication skills I've developed at Lasell through clubs and participating in course discussions have helped me be a positive and outgoing intern which has helped me excel within my internship. Additionally, my extra-curricular activities combined with my workload have prepared me to take on large responsibilities and handle long hours.

How did your courses at Lasell relate to your internship? 
One course that directly relates to my internship now was my Fashion Styling for Photography class, where I was able to get a first look at how a photoshoot is prepared for and completed. My internship is much more structured and there's a lot more details involved, whereas the course allowed us a lot of creative freedom, but it's interesting to be able to study that subject and now be able to take it on in real life.  

What has been your favorite part of being an intern? 
My favorite part of my internship is all of the people that I've met. Whether they're models, photographers, CEO's, merchandisers, or other stylists, everyone is interesting and that's what makes the day fun. It's also a great opportunity to make connections with people in the industry.  

If this internship hasn't met your expectations, what kind of internship will you pursue next time . 
While I love the professional experiences that I'm receiving, I think it would be really interesting to see how a typical 9 to 5 sort of office job would be like. My internship now involves long hours, early call times (like waking up at 3am to drive to a photoshoot with a call time of 5am,) and an unpredictable schedule, such as not knowing what the next week will involve. I just think it would be great to get experiences from both aspects, to see which I would prefer more and to understand the benefits and disadvantages to each work schedule, as I think both have negative and positive qualities.

Is this still the career path you want to move towards? 
I was not sure which career path I was working towards when I took on this internship, but styling was one of the options I was weighing. I'm glad that I'm completing this internship because I now know that it's not one of my top choices. In fact, it has motivated me more towards a career path that I've considered for a long time, which is working for a magazine. What's great is that my internship, while the work itself only involves styling, gives me experiences in different areas within the fashion industry, like magazines and retailers, so I can still get a taste of different businesses.

Have you made any valuable connections? 
I have made several valuable connections that may or may not come in handy in the future, but I find that it really pays off to be confident enough to introduce yourself and be friendly to everyone working on set.

Any favorite moments or memories at your internship? 
A great moment at my internship was when I was asked to work on a special project for a big client, and then to be able to work intimately with company employees to help make the photoshoot successful. It was a lot of work and a few very long hour days, but I got to meet the CEO and President of the company and my supervisor gratefully acknowledged the great work I did.