Kassio Santos

Kassio Santos

Internship: Krupp Group Public Relations

Tell us about your day-to-day responsibilities as an intern.
My main responsibilities as an intern at Krupp Group are to help with pulls, returns and clips. Pulls are samples that magazine editors have selected from our inventory and that my supervisor tells us to pack up and sometimes arrange a pick up person. Returns are these exact pulls that have already been used and now are returned to us, so we have to put them back in the system (Fashion GPS) so others can use and back in our closet or show room. And clips are when these samples are ultimately featured in a magazine or online and we Photoshop them to capture only the article or magazine page which they are featured and send it to my supervisor to show our clients. There are other duties like organizing the show room; answering the door, breaking boxes at end of day etc... it all depends on how busy we are.

What is the atmosphere like? 
Very laid back, everyone is super relaxed and if I need any help I can always ask. But with that said there isn't a lot of talking. And our office is pretty small. Our department which is the Accessories is located on the 7th floor and Fashion which is on the 6th. So we only have 5 people working plus myself and 2 more interns. Everyone is on their desk and on the computer the whole day. Communication is done mainly through emails so it is a quiet get work done kind of atmosphere.

What experiences at Lasell helped you prepare for this internship? 
I think that having a good knowledge about the fashion industry helped me a little, and knowing how retail works and the fashion seasons is also a big help. We are dealing a lot with fall samples already so knowing that magazines are 3-4 months ahead and how some magazines work definitely helped me.  

How did your courses at Lasell relate to your internship? 
One of the main courses that helped me would be Fashion Communications because we really got into how magazines work and how retailers work in the marketing and advertising world. Also even though PR is not advertising and some people confuse it Advertising helped me to understand the value of putting a brand out here even if it is just to create awareness, since for a lot of our pulls for magazines that is what we do.   

What has been your favorite part of being an intern? 
Definitely being able to see the behind the scenes of how magazines get their samples and then the finished product when something is featured in online or in a publication or even in some blogger's Instagram and that was a sample that you pulled or helped pull. That is truly amazing to be part of the whole process. Also to be able to learn how to manage fashion GPS which is so important in this business and learn the names and contacts of editors and stylists.  

Is this still the career path you want to move towards? 
I am still thinking about my options and the career paths I want to follow. But doing this internship was the best decision I could ever make, because I am seeing first hand what it is like to work in Fashion PR and realizing some things are not like I thought and some are. So there is a big chance I want to peruse this in the future but now I know what to expect.  

Have you made any valuable connections? 
I am still in the process of really branching out into my networking, but I have made really good connections with the other 2 interns. We help each other out throughout the day and have become each other's support team.  

Any favorite moments or memories at your internship? 
We have currently started taking a class every 2 weeks as part of the internship and the professor who teaches it has been in the business for over 30 years. It is really amazing the listen to all the things he has to say and teach us about the industry. Also after the class one of the directors talks to us about their experience for 15 minutes and just gives us some pointers on how to make it in this business.