Alicia Dobbyn

Internship: Communities for People

Tell us about your day-to-day responsibilities as an intern.
As soon as I come in to the office and get settled at my desk I go to my accounting supervisor Mary or to her assistant Maria. As this is the end of their fiscal year there are always tasks to do including imputing data into their program, Great Plains, or working on the accounts receivable, general journal entries, QuickBooks inputs, or deposit entries. After my lunch break I spend time with my Marketing supervisor Sarah. She currently has me working on Grant research as they as a Nonprofit are looking to expand outside of government funding. I also have written posts for all social medias in the organization spanning across state lines to their Rhode Island branch as well as a template for other organizations to post in connection to a mutual event.

What is the atmosphere like? 
The atmosphere of the office is quiet and busy. The layout does not invite a whole lot of talk and since this office deals primarily with accounting most of the senior staff enjoy a quiet space to work. We share the office space with another smaller nonprofit that deals with sports and children. They allow for spurts of excitement and energy that breaks up the monotony and overall everyone is inviting.

What experiences at Lasell helped you prepare for this internship? 
Lasell has helped me fine tune my soft skills and has really pulled through for me practically. The interwoven monster of an assignment provided in Professor Scipione's Governmental and Nonprofit accounting class introduced me to phrases and concepts that I get to immediately put to use which is more then beneficial. My marketing teachers have also in their own ways allowed me to open my mind to individuals wants and how to maneuver with them. These particular skills have helped me in understanding my situation and my surroundings and to best adapt to the people around me.

How did your courses at Lasell relate to your internship? 
My courses at Lasell have given a good foundation for the work that is expected of me at my internship. They had expectations of knowledge that I should have brought and I was able to make a great first impression by meeting these expectations with ease. I have certainly gotten my money's worth in accounting as the classes that I have taken under my minor have certainly left me level with previous interns. My marketing has not been hit on as effectively as my marketing supervisor has left me doing a lot of grant research for the organization. Grants are not a talked about subject at Lasell but my exposure to them has definitely given me ideas to discuss with my professors when school starts again. My marketing is seen mostly in the media postings that I am allowed to do for them.   

What has been your favorite part of being an intern? 
My favorite part about this whole experience is having practical experience with concepts that I have learned. It is always a bit exciting for me to be asked to do a task that I have familiarity with and that feeling still pops up as strong as it did on day one.  

If this internship hasn't met your expectations, what kind of internship will you pursue next time.
I tried going in without many expectations other than work hard as I had an unconventional setup. The hiring manager for interns was excited about me because I was pursuing a major and minor in the two fields that they wanted to fill. The marketing was new for them as they traditionally only worked with accounting majors so I am heavy into accounting as this is what is established. They are feeling it out with me and unfortunately for my experience I feel as if my marketing path is unknowing.  

Is this still the career path you want to move towards? 
My time with marketing at work is always great even if it is limited. My time here has exposed me to the realm of grant writing which is a little niche but incredibly interesting. Marketing is my future and grant writing is certainly something that I want to develop. I have had a healthy dose of the accounting life and I must say, although I like the little successes and the black and white structure it is not for me. I am happy that I have had time to explore both in a different depth than the school environment and I am still confident with my degree choice.

Have you made any valuable connections? 
I am confident that I have had solid connections with my supervisors and the CFO. As for long reaching connections it will be hard to say as they deal in a niche field themselves but I am sure that I can secure good words from them on me.

Any favorite moments or memories at your internship? 
When I was first introduced to Sandy, the CFO of Communities for People, my supervisor Mary and I were at the end of the day and I had become comfortable for her. I walked over to Sandy and Mary at the tale end of their conversation when Sandy turned to me and asked if I had ever seen a type writer. Feeling comfortable with Mary I let slip (a little sarcastically) that I had seen one 'in a picture book once' and immediately froze. To my great relief Sandy laughed and appreciated my humor leaving me incredibly comfortable with the superiors I have.