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Graduate Assistantship Academic Achievement Center

Department Hours Per Week Start
Academic Achievement Center   20 Fall 2020

Position Description:

To Assist the Director of the Academic Achievement Center and Learning Disabilities Services with providing direct services to students with documented learning disabilities by guiding them through the learning process and helping them to become strategic independent learners.  Graduate assistants will assume responsibilities and engage in duties of a professional learning specialist in higher education including, but not limited to the duties below.

Potential Duties include:

  • Guide students in the learning process and help them become strategic and independent learners by facilitating their effective use of prior knowledge, targeted strategies and skills to advance and optimize their learning.
  • Help students integrate and apply effective study skills, learning strategies, active reading/note-taking, time management and organization skills to their specific courses throughout the year.
  • Document and communicate student progress by completing required tutoring session notes.
  • Regularly attend and participate in staff meetings to collaborate and plan academic supports.
  • Support a welcoming and supportive learn-how-to-learn environment by creating a dynamic learning atmosphere conducive to active learning.
  • Monitor and assesses student progress and determines the need for additional reinforcement or adjustments to instructional techniques.
  • Assist with administrative duties related to the provision of accommodations and/or the learning process.  

Required qualifications and skills:

The position requires 20 hours per week during the academic semester(s). Preferred candidates are at the beginning of their graduate studies ready to make a commitment for the extent of their graduate work experience up to two years. Preferred candidates are graduate students in Special Education. Initiative and attention to detail are highly valued.

Experience and educational outcomes for Graduate Assistant: 

  • To assist graduate assistants in further developing their understanding and philosophical approach to higher education teaching and administration in an academic setting.
  • To assist graduate assistants in further developing professional skills such as interpersonal communication, organization, leadership, conflict resolution, program planning and teaching.
  • To provide an opportunity to apply classroom experience and student development and organizational culture theories to actual student, professional and departmental relationships in the field of higher education.
  • To provide the opportunity for hands-on experience working with students, faculty and professional colleagues in a small, engaging student-centered environment.
  • To introduce graduate assistants to the use of valuable resources provided by local and national professional organizations in advising and higher education.
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