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Graduate Assistant for Communication Program


Hours Per Week Start
Communication 10 Fall 2020

Position Description:
Work closely with the Communication Graduate Coordinator to develop and undertake strategies, presentations, reports and activities related to the following:

• Research, manage, organize, and support the goal of the COM graduate program to develop and offer a new COM doctoral degree, and additional MS degrees, certificates and badges.
• Assist with all the marketing, management and promotional efforts focusing on increasing the visibility and expansion of the Graduate Speakers Program (from the current COM Speakers Program to speakers from all disciplines and professions in Lasell's Graduate Programs) throughout campus and in the surrounding communities.
• Undertake some relevant research projects in the COM field with a faculty member's guidance.
• Develop, coordinate and implement various events, social media posts, and newsletters/ announcements etc. for the COM graduate student population to foster a sense of community.
• Assist with the coordination and management of COMDay, the signature event of the COM program, which features speakers, panels, films and presentations etc. by noteworthy and accomplished COM professionals.

Required qualifications and skills:
• Demonstrates strong oral, interpersonal, organizational and written communication skills
• Is collaborative, innovative and motivated in working with faculty and students
• Has ability to organize a systematic approach to creating COM events and identifying / recruiting campus wide speakers
• Has ability to identify, prioritize and manage research assignments, COM projects and event-related tasks
• Demonstrates a commitment to identifying viable areas of potential COM programs and describing various academic offerings / degrees in Communication
• Bachelor's degree required, preferably in Communication or Marketing or related field, but other degrees will be considered. Ability to work some nights.

Experience and educational outcomes for Graduate Assistant:
• Development of a wide variety of communication skills in research, writing, promotions, presentations, and multiple other areas.
• Acquisition of experience in event planning and management.
• Expansion of professional network and contacts in COM field through contact with outstanding professional speakers.
• Opportunities to develop research and teaching skills working with a faculty member.
• Acquisition of experience for post-graduation employment opportunities in the COM field OR possibly the credentials needed for entry into a doctoral program.