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Coordinator for the Pathways to Teacher Diversity Grant

Department Hours Per Week Start
Education 10 Fall 2020

Position Description:

The PTD Coordinator graduate assistantship role will include responsibility working with the Project Director and Chair of the Education Department to develop strategies, processes, reports, presentations, and activities to complete the goals and activities associated with the project.  The work will include onsite and offsite work developing content for a website/brochure/curriculum, coordinating group and individual meetings with the PTD undergraduate leaders, communicating with the partner districts on PTD student and parent workshops and visits, developing new district partnerships in coordination with the director, developing new strategies for mentoring within the college and with high school students, reviewing the research on mentoring at the college level, and securing meetings sites and activities and other activities as requested by the project director including working with the Lasell admissions office.

Required qualifications and skills:

The individual must be a full or part-time graduate student at Lasell College in the education program with interest in developing relationships, working with and presenting in public to college undergraduates, educators, high school students, families on mentoring diverse individuals to become teachers.  The students must be self-driven, innovative and creative in finding information and learning about mentoring and community organizations and school districts capacity to provide mentoring to students and their families.  Bilingual graduate students are highly desirable.  The graduate student must be available during the day and evenings as planned for meetings and events, must be able to drive or get van certified.  

Experience and educational outcomes for Graduate Assistant:

The graduate assistantship PTD coordinator will gain experience in building research-based mentoring programs in education and other related fields, coordinating events to bring together college students and high school students, presenting to various stakeholders, coaching and supervising undergraduate students working with school-age students, developing online and print materials to promote diversifying the teacher pipeline, developing leadership skills in working with district school leaders, guidance counselors, teachers, and higher education personnel including faculty and staff.

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