Truths About Graduate Online Degrees

Online learning at Lasell provides the comprehensive and relevant education that today’s employers respect and require.

Employers respect online degrees Years of research shows that online education is as good as and often better than other instructional modes. Employers know that online programs must meet the same accreditation standards as those on-campus, and so they don’t distinguish based on delivery mode. In addition, the ability to work in cyber-teams is recognized as a valued work skill.

The curriculum is robust, and the faculty is skilled –You’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need for career success as you learn from experienced practitioner faculty who train to be the most effective in an online environment.

The coursework is rigorous – You will complete reading assignments from textbooks, analyze case studies, write research papers, complete projects, and post to the discussion board citing research and sources.

Resources are at your fingertips – Get access to exactly what you need when you need it. Canvas provides easy online access to Lasell’s library archives, online databases, and journals, along with our Academic Achievement Center, online tutoring modules, and more.

Participation is essential – Discussion is an essential learning component of online learning. Despite meeting in a virtual classroom, no one can remain anonymous.

Self-motivation and time management are, too – Log in to Canvas at any time and complete your work when it is most convenient for you, but plan to dedicate 15-22 hours to your class each week, check in daily for updates and new discussion posts, and complete assignments on time.

Improved writing skills are an added benefit – Each completed assignment, discussion post, and exchange with your professors and classmates helps you to improve your communication skills.

Strong communities form online – Students and faculty report they actually get to know each other better in the online setting. Sustained engagement with your classmates in online discussions, on collaborative group projects, and through virtual “water cooler” conversations builds a thriving online community where you’ll benefit from diverse perspectives and experiences.


“Just because the courses are online doesn’t mean they aren’t challenging. I still need to meet deadlines and follow the syllabus. The Canvas orientation taught me how to submit homework, ask questions, and use resources. It has helped me to be successful in the program.”
Florecita Mejia, MBA Alumni

“There is a lot of writing involved with all of the material, and my writing skills have improved tremendously with every assignment and discussion. One of the key benefits of online learning is becoming a better writer and seeing my communications skills flourish.”
 Michael Medley, MS Sport Management Alumni