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Seib, P. & Janbek, D. (2010). Global terrorism and new media: The post Al-Qaeda generation. Routledge.

Book Chapters

Wall, M., Janbek, D., & Otis Campbell, M. Refugees, information precarity and social inclusion: The precarious communication practices of Syrians fleeing war. In J. Retis and R. Tsagarousianou (Eds), The handbook of diasporas, media and culture. Wiley Blackwell. Forthcoming.

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Janbek, D. (2014). Functioning of terrorism. In M. Eid (Ed), Exchanging terrorism oxygen for media airwaves:The age of terroredia. IGI Global.

Journal Articles

Wall, M., Otis Campbell, M., & Janbek, D. (2017). Syrian refugees and information precarity. New Media & Society,19(2), 240-254.

Janbek, D. & Williams, V. (2014). The role of the Internet post 9/11 in terrorism & counterterrorism. Brown
Journal of World affairs, 20(2), 297-308.

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Janbek, D. & Prado, P. (2012). Rethinking the role of virtual communities in terrorist websites. Combating Terrorism Exchange, 2(4), 23-27.

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Janbek, D. & Lopez-Preciado, L. (2008). The Arab lobby in the United States: A case study of media use. Journalof Middle East Media, 4(1), 61-79.

Media Appearances

Media Publications

  • Janbek, D. & Wall, M. (2016, June 28). If you are worried about your safety, focus less on refugees and more on guns. E-International Relations.
  • Otis Campbell, M., Janbek, D., & Wall, M. (2016, March 2). Canada's audacious refugee response. E-International Relations.
  • Wall, M. & Janbek, D. (2015, June 23). The Syrians are coming. The Hill.
  • Janbek, D. (2014, October 16). For Syrian refugees in Jordan, the cellphone is a lifeline. WBUR Cognoscenti