Put your knowledge to work with your Capstone.
Your Capstone is where you synthesize the deep knowledge you’ve gained through your coursework with your experience as a working professional. Engage in an internship, pursue a special interest you’ve developed during your studies through research, or complete a special project to fine-tune and test out your skill set. This culminating experience of your graduate education will add value to your resume and launch you to the next level of immediate and lasting professional success.

During your final semester, your Capstone serves as one of your courses. Requirements are determined separately by each program. Each Lasell graduate program (except for the PMBA) includes a capstone experience, which you will develop in collaboration with your academic advisor and/or faculty into a highly personalized, relevant, and meaningful experience. Capstones vary widely in their focus to capitalize on your unique interests, talents, and professional obligations.

Capstones could be:

  • The creation of a Human Resources manual for the student’s employer
  • A thesis investigating the correlation between upgraded athletic facilities and the success of Division 3 sports programs
  • For a career changer, an internship in a different division of the student’s employer
  • The creation of a public relations plan or ad campaign for a new product
  • A comprehensive exam (for MS Communications only )
  • An exploration of multicultural fairytales to expand existing curriculum