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Stacey Gigante ’16

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MS in Communications, Integrated Marketing Communication ’16
Senior Communications Specialist, Boston Children’s Hospital

Stacey GiganteAfter receiving her BA in Communication from Framingham State College, Stacey Gigante began working at Boston Children’s Hospital, planning to eventually enroll in nursing school. That’s when she encountered an MBTA advertisement for Lasell’s Master’s in Communications program. She realized the curriculum aligned closely with skills she was developing as a project manager at BCH, and wouldn’t require taking standardized tests. Attracted by the small class sizes and flexibility of online and on-campus learning, she began her MS in Integrated Marketing Communication. Stacey continued working full-time at BCH while earning her degree, and became a Senior Communications Specialist at the hospital shortly after graduation.

What attracted you to the Lasell MS in Communication, Integrated Marketing Communication?
I liked that the program was geared toward students with prior work experience, and I appreciated Lasell’s affordability and proximity to Boston. I went to a small school for my undergraduate degree, so I was also attracted to the smaller class sizes and the program’s flexible structure.

What surprised you most about the program?
I was impressed at the amount of time my professors took to provide personalized, meaningful feedback. I studied hard and worked full-time outside of class, so it meant a lot that they paid attention and let me know when I was doing a good job.

Were there any academic experiences that particularly stand out to you?
My Capstone was one of my favorite parts of the program. It was focused on a project I was working on at the time for BCH, which was aimed at enhancing our patients experiences for the surgical booking process. I used what I learned in my master’s degree to bridge the communication gaps between doctors and patients, and enhanced our website so we could provide up-to-date information to our patients before surgery. It was a great learning experience that had an immediate impact on my professional career.

Were there other ways that your Lasell experience enhanced your career?
I really improved my writing and presentational skills during my time at Lasell. Many of my courses required group presentations using PowerPoints. I became more confident in my public speaking and learned to effectively articulate my research in a group setting.

Where do you see yourself professionally in five years?
I’d be interested in exploring roles that involve managing both internal and external communications. I’ve been lucky to experience many different kinds of work within Boston Children’s Hospital, and I’m excited to branch out into more creative sides of marketing, as my master’s degree expanded my skillset and enhanced my perspective on the field.