Master of Education in Moderate Disabilities 
Teacher, Henry Whittemore Elementary School

“I work in the Learning Center at Henry Whittemore Elementary School in Waltham supporting students from grades 1-5 on Individual Educational Programs (IEPs). Students come to the Learning Center for remedial academic support. I manage students’ IEPs, making sure that they are working toward their individual goals. I meet with the student’s IEP team at least once a year to confirm that the students are making reasonable progress. Once this is established, other attainable goals are developed in collaboration with the classroom teachers, parents/guardians and other providers on the IEP team. I also consult with the school about students who may be eligible to Special Education.

During my program at Lasell, I benefited from very experienced professors who were currently working in the field and could bring real-life situations to the classroom. Their feedback was positive and constructive. I will always remember my first class. I felt so overwhelmed. I said to my professor, ‘I don’t think I can do this.’ She told me, ‘I saw your work, you’ve got this!’ My professor gave me so much encouragement that I don’t think I would have continued in the program without her support. In addition to having been away from a college environment for 20 years, I had a significant language barrier as well. English is my third language so at first I was very intimidated. My professors helped me through it and made me realize that I was bringing something rich and positive to the program. My practicum also made the whole process so much more concrete. The feedback was constructive and useful.

I did my internship at Cabot Elementary School in Newton with a very seasoned Special Education teacher. I learned a great deal with her. I think it is very important to do the internship in the field in which you want to work after you graduate. I always wanted a position in a Learning Center therefore it was a good experience for me to do my internship there. My internship experience is what ultimately led to obtaining my position at Whittemore.

My advice to future Education students: Try to find an internship where you will be out of your comfort zone as this is the best way to learn. If you know the direction you want to take after graduation, I would focus on getting an internship in that particular area. Also, if you’ve worked hard at Lasell, you can be confident that you will be well prepared for teaching in the real world.”