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Fernando Ramirez '13

MS in Management, Marketing ’13
Digital Marketing Manager, TRC Companies, Inc.

fred ramirez

After earning his BA in Marketing at Lasell, Fernando Ramirez returned to the school to pursue his MS in Management, Marketing, ready to enhance his professional capabilities by gaining the necessary skills and network to confidently enter the industry. In his current role as a Digital Marketing Manager for TRC Companies, Inc., Fernando is shaping the content strategy for the highly successful company. He credits Lasell with giving him the opportunity to discover his passion for content development and expand his network. “Lasell gave me the exposure I needed to understand what the professional world was like,” he says. In addition to working at TRC Companies, Fernando is developing his own marketing blog with tutorials for the technical aspects of an evolving field, and hopes to eventually teach marketing at the college level.

After completing your bachelor’s at Lasell, what incited you to come back for your master’s degree?
As an undergraduate, I studied psychology before switching over to marketing. I was always fascinated by human behavior, and marketing seemed like a natural evolution – and one that could provide a career path. I went back to Lasell to hone my skills and develop a career plan, and to take advantage of an academic environment that provided smaller class sizes and one-on-one learning experiences, which was very important to me.

How did Lasell help you prepare for your post-graduate professional life?
Lasell provided me with the ability to conduct marketing research, develop presentations, and understand how to work in a team environment. My courses exposed me to a lot of trends in the industry that I was previously unfamiliar with, and with a great diversity of experiences, including online marketing and paid campaigns. I firmly believe I am where I am now because of the opportunities I had at Lasell.

Are there any courses that you remember as being particularly impactful?
For the first assignment of my second semester, my business professor Pamela Arons asked the class to  provide feedback on an article and then create our own related research. When the papers were handed in, she advised us all to think about our approach. “Until you earn a PHD,” she told us, “you should think twice before writing ‘I’ in a research paper.” That advice stuck with me, and I’ve been sure to focus on the factual, statistical data behind every project I’ve worked on ever since.

What advice do you have for students interested in the MS in Marketing program?
Lasell has always gone above and beyond to help their students. They gave me the opportunity to turn my love for human psychology into a successful marketing career, and the administration and my teachers supported me throughout my time here. I would encourage students to take full advantage of this environment, engaging with professors and participating in all the opportunities Lasell offers so that they’ll be exceptionally well-rounded candidates once they’re on the job market.