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Chris Johnson '10

BS in Sports Science ’09
MS in Management ‘10 
Lecturer, Lasell University
Co-Founder, Boston Strength and Conditioning

Chris JohnsonA lifelong athlete with a passion for fitness, Chris Johnson credits his Lasell MS in Management for providing him with the foundational skills to create and operate his own fitness business. Chris earned his bachelor’s degree in Sports Science at Lasell, and entered the master’s program immediately afterwards, inspired by his teachers to further his education and gain the necessary business knowledge to become an entrepreneur. Chris has maintained a strong personal connection to the school since his undergraduate years, and now is an adjunct professor in the Sports Management department. Chris also manages a fitness studio he co-founded called Boston Strength and Conditioning, and holds the rank of Second Lieutenant in the United States Army National Guard.

What attracted you to Lasell’s MS in Management degree program?
When I was an undergraduate at Lasell, I appreciated the close-knit community and small class sizes, and knew those elements would be part of the master’s program as well. I graduated with a BS in Sports Science and planned to pursue a career as a personal trainer, so I chose the master’s degree program in order to gain business experience and the necessary knowledge to run a studio.

How has your Lasell MS helped your career?
Lasell gave me the opportunity to network and gain the professional experience I needed to do what I’m doing today. One of my first internships was with Harvard’s athletic program, where I worked as an assistant coach with 41 varsity teams. I had to learn quickly and do a lot of multi-tasking, but it really helped me develop as a leader and introduced me to the complexity of managing the fitness needs of a wide range of athletes.

What advice would you give to potential students interested in the Lasell Management program?
Build as many quality relationships as you can. Lasell provides you with an academic environment that is naturally collaborative, and allows you to work and study with students and teachers from a variety of professional backgrounds.

How have those relationships benefited you?
I grew up with a somewhat unstable home life, but I always knew I wanted to go to college. When I came to Lasell, I quickly saw how invested my teachers and the administration were in my success, both during my undergraduate and graduate years. The close relationships I’ve made here are trademarks of the school. When my mother passed away unexpectedly at the beginning of my junior year, President Alexander went so far as to offer his home as a place to stay. I didn’t take him up on it, but I think it says a lot about the nature of this community. Now that I teach here, I’m doing my best to pass that spirit on to my students.

What’s next?
I thrive on challenge, and I’m always jumping to the next project. After running a fitness studio and joining the United States Army National Guard, I’m now focusing on becoming a full-time professor. I love empowering people and teaching them new things, whether in fitness, on the field, or in the classroom. This is a natural evolution for me in helping people reach their highest potential.