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International Students


International Admission Requirements

International candidates seeking admission to Lasell University's graduate degree or certificate programs must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and demonstrate through academic background and/or work experience the ability to succeed in graduate studies. GRE/GMAT scores are not required for admission.

Admission Requirements Checklist:

  1. Online application
  2. Official transcripts of all college-level coursework, translated to English if necessary*
  3. Two letters of recommendation
  4. Certified Financial Declaration
  5. TOEFL score minimum required is 79 (ibt), 550 (paper), or IELTS score of 6 or higher
  6. A one page personal statement describing your goals, strengths and potential for achievement in graduate school
  7. Current passport, if seeking student visa
  8. Current I-20 and passport or visa, if on OPT or already studying in U.S.

A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 is recommended for recent college graduates with fewer than 3 years of professional work experience.
Lasell University: 
SEVIS code: BOS214F00190000

*Materials should be addressed to:

The Office of Graduate Enrollment 
Lasell University
1844 Commonwealth Ave.
Newton, MA 02466


Obtaining an F-1 Student Visa and Entering the United States

Your Form I-20 is necessary to obtain an F-1 Student Visa. This visa permits you to enter the United States for the purpose of studying at Lasell University. If you enter the U.S. on a tourist visa, you will be required to leave the U.S. in order to enter on a proper student visa. You must be enrolled as a full-time student to obtain an F-1 student visa.

You are encouraged to apply early to get a U.S. Visa because at certain times in the year it is hard to get a visa appointment and processing times may be long. Do not buy plane tickets before you receive a visa! You may only enter the U.S. 30 days before the Program Start Date and should arrive before the first day of classes.

Visa Application Checklist

Required documents:

1. Immigration Form I-20; by signing it you acknowledge that you have read page three and agree to comply with the terms and conditions of your admission.
2. Online Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application, Form DS-160.
3. A Passport which is valid at least six months beyond the intended period of stay in the United States.
4. One 2×2 photograph.
5. A receipt to show payment of the visa application fee of $200.
6. The SEVIS I-901 fee receipt - also $200 To learn more about this new fee or to pay online visit

All applicants should also be prepared to provide:

7. Admission letter to Lasell University.
8. Transcripts and diplomas from previous institutions attended.
9. Scores from standardized tests required by the educational institution such as the TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
10. Proof of sufficient funds to cover all your expenses for the duration of your stay in the U.S.   If sponsored by an agency, be prepared to show a letter of award.  If your support is from personal and/or family funds, be prepared to show bank statements, certified letters of credit and proof of your annual salary and/or your total available or anticipated assets of that of your immediate family.  At a minimum, you must prove to the satisfaction of the U.S. Consul that you have sufficient funds for at least one year of study.  You will not be allowed to work off-campus during your time at Lasell and jobs on-campus are limited.
11. Supporting documents which strengthen your claim that you will return to your country after completing studies. 

Consulates vary in the amount of time they require to issue a visa and the fees charged. It is important to contact the specific consular office where you intend to apply to ask about specific local procedures.

Obtaining a Visa

  • If you do not have a passport, you must obtain one from the appropriate office of your government. Your passport must be valid for at least six months into the future at all times. It is your responsibility to be aware of the expiration date of your passport and to renew it at the appropriate time.
  • We recommend that you schedule an appointment at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate as soon as possible.
  • Read carefully all the information on the Form 1-20. Check for spelling errors or mistakes (in your name, birth date, or course of study) and make sure it matches your passport. Contact us immediately at if it needs to be corrected. Carefully read page 3 of your I-20 as this will explain your legal responsibilities as an F-1 student in the United States.  Sign the Student Certification (#11) on page 1 of the Form 1-20, and provide the information requested if under the age of 18.
  • With required documents listed below, schedule to go to (or mail the materials to) the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. The U.S. Consular Officer will review your papers, and if all is in order, issue an F-1 student visa permitting you to enter the U.S. for the purpose of studying at Lasell University. 
  • If you have received an I-20 from more than one school, be sure to use the I-20 of the school you plan to attend when applying for your visa. The Consular Officer will only issue the visa for one Form 1-20 and will cancel all other I-20s in SEVIS (the electronic Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). 

The Visa Interview and Questions

The Immigration and National Act has a strict set of requirements which must be met by applicants to qualify for the student visa. At the visa interview, the consular officer will be able to determine in a few minutes whether you qualify for the visa or not. It is important that you are prepared and know the qualifications for obtaining a student visa. You must:

  • Have a residence abroad with no immediate intention of abandoning that residence;
  • Intend to depart from the United States upon completion of the course of study; and
  • Possess sufficient funds to pursue the proposed course of study. You should expect the interview to be conducted in English and not in your native language. Since time is limited, keep your answers to the officer's questions short and to the point. Be confident and polite because the initial impressions you create are critical to your success.

If you are denied a student visa, request the reasons you were denied in writing and ask the officer for a list of documents he or she would suggest you bring in order to overcome the refusal. Contact the Office of International Services if we would be able to help or if you will need to defer your I-20 to a future term.

Arriving at a U.S. Port of Entry

  • You should expect to go through immigration and customs inspections at the U.S. port of entry upon arrival. Allow enough time (a few hours to be safe) for immigration and customs procedures to make any connecting flights.
  • The following documents should be carried with you: passport, visa, I-20 form, admission letter, SEVIS I-901 fee receipt, and evidence of financial resources. Present these documents to the immigration officer. Be sure to carry these documents with you and do not place them in your checked baggage. 
  • Be prepared to state the reason you wish to enter the United States and your final destination. An appropriate response is "to attend Lasell University in Newton, Massachusetts".
  • Note for transfer students: If you are traveling while transferring from another US school, your Lasell SEVIS I-20 may read "transfer pending from" and the name of your previous school. If you are questioned about the "transfer pending" notation, inform the immigration officer that Lasell has advised you that your transfer will be completed once you arrive on campus and register for courses.
  • Answer all questions asked by the immigration officer politely and briefly. Do not offer any information that goes beyond the extent of the question asked you. The officer will return the documents to you after stamping the I-20 and passport page with an arrival stamp. Make sure all the documents are returned to you, and do not exit until you double check everything.
  • You may be asked to go to secondary inspection if your documents or situation need additional review or processing. Immigration officers will carefully look at your documents and run additional computer checks. This is normal but may take additional time.
  • After the immigration area, you will collect your baggage and pass through customs. A customs inspector will ask you to declare what you have brought into the country (such as money or gifts), inspect your bags for forbidden or restricted items, and review the customs form you filled out on the airplane.
  • The immigration inspector will issue you an electronic I-94 number that corresponds with your admission to the United States. You can look up your I-94 number at

You must check in with the Office of International Services at International Student Orientation to complete your immigration check in. If you are unable to check in at Orientation, please contact the Office of International Services as soon as possible after your arrival to campus.

Feel free to contact the Office of International Services with any questions prior to your arrival:  by e-mail at or by phone at (617) 243-2398.


Per Massachusetts State Vaccination Requirement Law, all full time graduate students (9 credits) who take at least one class on campus and all international graduate students must complete the Lasell University Immunization and Tuberculosis Screening Form and provide documentation of being immunized against:  

  1. Hepatitis B - 3 dose series
  2. MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella)  - 2 dose series
  3. Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria,&  Pertussis) - within past 10 years
  4. Varicella (Chickenpox) - 2 dose series or reliable history of having had the disease

Contact your healthcare provider directly to obtain a copy of your immunization history. Proof of immunization and the Tuberculosis Screening Form must be submitted to Lasell University Health Services, located on the top floor of the Edwards Student Center. Health Services is open from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday. You can also fax the information to 617-243-2339 or email

If you are unable to get this documentation from your health care provider or if you are missing the required immunizations we suggest that you make an appointment with Fenway Health to get the immunizations you need.  Fenway Health has three locations all accessible by public transportation. You can find out more information by visiting their website at or calling them at 617.267.0900.

Graduate students must demonstrate compliance with all health requirements prior to the start of classes

Contact, Lasell University Health Services, Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm at 617-243-2451 or The Health Services Office is located on the top floor of the Edwards Student Center.          

Admission Checklist

Congratulations on your acceptance to Lasell University!  We know this is an exciting time of year and you should be proud of your accomplishments.  You have been selected from a competitive group of applicants and we know you will benefit from Lasell’s Connected Learning philosophy of education.

Declaration of Finance Form
International students must complete the Declaration of Finance form in order to obtain their Lasell Form I-20. This form is required in order to receive your Visa interview and your F-1 Student Visa. 

Transfer Report
International students who are currently in the United States on an F-1 Student Visa will also need to complete the Transfer Report Form. The Transfer Report is required in order to transfer your current I-20 to Lasell University. You will need your current international student advisor to complete this form.

Enrollment Deposit
Now that you are ready to experience every day at Lasell University, you need to submit your enrollment deposit to reserve your space in the program.

Graduate Student Orientation
The Graduate and Professional Studies New Student Orientation is held at the beginning of the fall and spring sessions. This is an opportunity to learn about the variety of resources and services available to help graduate students make well informed and appropriate academic and administrative plans. Additionally, students will meet and hear from Academic Department Chairs, faculty, administrative staff and other graduate students. New international students must attend.

International Student Orientation
International Student Orientation is held on the same day as graduate student orientation, invitation to follow. International Student Orientation is mandatory for all international students. 

check boxNew Graduate Student To-Do List
New students are encouraged to complete a variety of tasks prior to the start of classes, as it will make campus access and course workflow easier to manage. The New Graduate Student To-Do List provides detailed instructions for a variety of administrative tasks such as setting up your email account, ordering your textbooks, completing the Graduate Online Orientation, and more.

check boxSecure Housing Prior to Arrival
Graduate students must secure their own housing.  Lasell offers on-campus living accomodations for graduate students. If you are interested in living on campus, you may apply for on-campus housing. For a list of off-campus housing resources, please email Thomas Morgan, Coordinator of Off-Campus Living & Commuter Student Services, at

check boxSubmit Health forms
Graduate students must submit health forms to the Health Center. 

check boxRegister for Classes
Graduate students use the Lasell University GPS Registration & Billing System to enroll in classes. To prepare for registration, course requirements and detailed course descriptions for the Graduate Programs can be found in the Lasell University Academic Catalog. The Course Offerings for graduate students can be found under Academics on the left hand side of MyLasell portal. 

For assistance selecting your courses or registering, contact your Graduate Enrollment Counselor, at 617.243.2400 or by email,

As an F-1 visa holder, graduate international students are required to be registered for 9 credits during the fall and spring semesters.  Any student who starts in the summer must also register for a total of 9 credits during their first summer term. Only 3 credits of the required 9 credits can be taken through an online course.  The other 6 credits must be taken in hybrid form.

check boxBegin Your Studies
See the academic calendar for session start dates. Attendance in class is very important and failure to attend classes could result in poor grades.

check boxComplete SEVIS Registration
Within the first two weeks of the semester, all international students holding an F-1 visa are required to report, in person, to the Office of International Services to complete SEVIS Registration.  Students must bring their passport, their I-20, and their current U.S. address and phone number to this meeting. Students will also receive important information regarding the federal regulations for F-1 students. For international student inquiries, please visit the International Student Services page or contact

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