Course Waivers: Education

As described below, through completion of either set majors, minors, or various course combinations, and participation in the blended semester, students can earn as many as 12 credits towards the required 36 credits to earn the M.Ed. Many of the undergraduate courses listed have prerequisites. For complete information on master’s degrees, please refer to the graduate section of this catalog.

Education Majors:
Students who complete these undergraduate majors and their bachelor's degree with a minimum 3.00 cumulative grade point average (GPA) can request a waiver of six (6) credits from the Graduate Admission Office. (Note, students must complete these courses with a grade of B or higher.)

Other Undergraduate Majors:
Any Lasell student who successfully completes (with a grade of B or higher) the course combinations listed below can request a waiver of six (6) credits from the Graduate Admission Office. Students must also carry a minimum 3.00 GPA.

Undergraduate Courses

M.Ed. Waiver Course

ED 211 Identifying Special Needs Learners
-OR- ED 219 Supporting Learner Variability

ED 326 or ED 338 Inclusive Education

SPED 712 Curriculum and Resources in SPED

ED 206 Early Literacy Teaching & Learning
AND ED 208 Elem Literacy Teaching & Learning

ED 712 Literacy Instruction: Elementary

ED 377 Teaching & Applying Mathematics: 1-6 & Curriculum
AND Three Math Courses (Note choice in #2) as follows:
1. MATH 304 Mathematics for Educators
2. MATH 104 Intermediate Algebra or MATH 205 Calculus I
3. MATH 107 College Geometry

ED 720 Mathematics Concepts

ED 329 Science Concepts & Curriculum:
1-6 (4 credit minimum) AND one of the following:
1. SCI 103 Science for Educators I
2. SCI 104 Science for Educators II

ED 721 Science & Technology Concepts/Curriculum

ED 418 Integrated Instruction: Elementary
AND At least 6 credits of American and World History
AND at least 3 credits of Geography and/or Economics

ED 722 Social Studies Concepts & Curriculum