Our personalized approach to academic advising sets you up for success.
At Lasell, we understand the unique challenges faced by our graduate students – working professionals balancing career, education, and family – and have developed our exceptional academic advising program with their success in mind.

A rewarding partnership
Shortly after you enroll, you will be matched with one of our experienced graduate advisors. This dedicated guide will work closely with you throughout your Lasell experience. By answering questions as they arise and positioning you get the most of your education, your academic advisor will help to ensure that you complete your program as successfully and efficiently as possible.

Lasell’s graduate advisors are attentive to the needs of their students and are always quick to respond when consulted for help or advice. You will remain in contact through regular in-person or Skype meetings, telephone check-ins, and email, live online chat sessions, and in-person “advising nights” arranged in coordination with on campus course schedules.

Meaningful faculty relationships
You will also have opportunities to build close relationships with faculty members in class and at convenient extended office hours. Professors provide support for coursework, during internships, and as you complete your Capstone experience.

Convenient academic support
The Academic Achievement Center offers extended hours by appointment to accommodate your busy schedule as a working professional. If you’re enrolled in a program that meets exclusively online, live online tutoring is also available on the SMARTHINKING platform. Our online library orientations and workshops on time management, reading strategies, and more complete our robust complement of academic support programs that supplement the hands-on attention of your advisors and faculty members.