Research Across the Curriculum

The Research across the Curriculum (RAC) program, made possible by a grant from the Davis Educational Foundation, offers a range of research grant and credit opportunities at every level and in every field of study at Lasell — from the arts and sciences to business and allied health. The RAC program reflects Lasell College’s commitment to Connected Learning, whereby students are productive versus consumptive learners. Through RAC work, students are challenged to demonstrate investigative skills, apply information literacy, and communicate empirical information effectively.

Research Intensive Course Grants provide faculty development support to design and implement curricular changes in courses that incorporate new research projects or activities.

Undergraduate Research Scholar Grants support independent, 3-credit, student research projects conducted under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

Undergraduate Research Assistantship Grants provide an opportunity for students to gain specific research expertise working on a newly launched or ongoing research project being conducted by a faculty member.

Research Linked Credits give students an opportunity to conduct a 1-credit research project that extends an area of study in course in which they are enrolled. Students may complete up to three linked-credit research projects toward completion of their degrees.

How Research at Lasell Goes One Step Further

Intergenerational Samples
Learning how to gather data from different-aged samples is a valuable research experience, and much can be learned about behavior by making age comparisons. Lasell’s unique intergenerational community provides broad research possibilities working with young adult college students, older adult Village residents, and young children attending the Holway Child Study Centers.

Community Connections
Working with community groups moves students beyond the traditional research setting, and can offer a service to groups through information gained from research. Lasell’s relationships with local not-for-profit organizations provide value opportunities for collaborative community research.

Novel Technologies
Through grants from the Tomfohrde Foundation, Lasell researchers can utilize advanced research methods with technologies such as individual Biopac systems that measure human physiological responses (e.g., heart rate, GSR) or smart energy meters that log electricity consumption in residence halls.

Examples of Past RAC Research Projects

Factors Affecting Student Attributions toward Victims of Domestic Violence (PDF)
Professor Marsha Mirkin, Megan McPherson, Nicole Mello, Katelyn Gormley, Jade Witter, Nisha Cirino, and Kate Lyons
Presented at the meeting of Eastern Psychological Association, Boston, MA

Harnessing Power: Situational Determinants of Energy Use in College Dorms (PDF)
Professor Lori H. Rosenthal, Victoria Sokoly, Caitlyn Pare, and Sabrina Saint-Juste
Presented at the meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Boston, MA

Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act (Tura): An Innovative Strategy for Reducing Urban Environmental Pollution (PDF)
Professor Kimberly S. Farah and Michael Ansaldi
Published in Procedia Environmental Sciences and presented at the Urban Environmental Pollution Conference, Boston, MA

Military Dress, Innovations and Fashion Influence, 1960-2000
Professor Jill Carey and Eliza Fitzgerald
Exhibition at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation, Waltham, MA

Older and Younger Adults' Perceptions Of Happiness: A View from the Lasell Intergenerational Community (PDF)
Professor Joann M. Montepare, Course FYS103: Showing up for Life
Class project presented at Lasell’s Connected Learning Symposium

Highlights of other RAC Projects by Faculty and Students (PDF)

Collaborative Class Research Projects

Integrated activities co-designed by faculty offer students in different classes the opportunity to work together on innovative research topics.

The History of Lasell College
Supervising Faculty Members and Participating Classes
Dennis Frey, HIST124: American Civilization II
Barbara Sproat, Lasell Archives

Adolescents and Elders: Developmental Issues and Research Connections
Supervising Faculty Members and Participating Classes
Jamie Rodriguez, PSYCH223: Adolescent Psychology
Joann Montepare, IDS111: Aging in America

The American Family in the Twentieth-Century
Supervising Faculty Members and Participating Classes
Carole Center, ENG102: Writing II
Dennis Frey, HIST124: American History

Does Facebook Make You Happy?
Supervising Faculty Members and Participating Classes
Sheilarae Lau, COM315: Communication Research and COM103: Introduction to Human Communication