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Academic Centers - Holway Early Childhood Centers

Kellee Miller, M.S.

Tel: 617-243-2289



Kellee is a  graduate of Lasell College with a B.A. in Early Childhood Education and a M.S. in Management. Before becoming the Education Director at The Barn, she  was the Lead Educator of the Toddler Two classroom. In this position, she helped to foster the growth and development of the many children who were in her care from 2002-2007. In July 2007, she accepted the role as the Education Director of the Holway Child Study Center-The Barn. 

As Education Director, Kellee guides the teachers of the center to implement creative curriculum based on Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. Additionally, she take pleasure in learning and recalling life's experiences through the eyes of the children. Kellee is also an Adjunct Professor at Lasell College in the Department of Social Sciences.

Personal Statement: "I believe that young children learn not only through academic challenges, but through play and social interactions with peers and educators. It is also my belief that children need to be nurtured by caring educators, who can instill the appropriate skills and experiences for young children in their social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth".