Contact Us

Our Address:
Holway Child Study Center (The Barn)
20 Berkeley Place
Newton, MA 02466
Phone: (617) 243-2289
Fax: (617) 243-2230

Emergency Contact Numbers:
Campus Security: 617-243-2279
Newton Police: 617-552-7240
Fire: 9-911
Ambulance: 9-911
Poison Control Center: 9-1-800-222-1222

For more information on the Holway Child Study Centers please contact:

Kellee Miller - Education Director-The Barn (Full Day Program) at 617-243-2289

Lindsey Flaherty- Assistant Education Director- The Barn (Full Day Program) at 617-243-2287

Kathleen Rudnicki -Director- Rockwell (Preschool) at 617-243-2355