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Rockwell Programs

Rockwell classes include preschool, transitional kindergarten, and summer program.

teacher with arm around a preschool student explaining work on board

Younger Preschool: 

Children must be 2 years, 9 months to enroll in our three-year-old class. There is a balance of free play time and structured, teacher-directed activities throughout the morning. Curriculum based on Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences encourages and supports the many strengths and differences of our young children. An extended day program is offered each day.

Older Preschool:
There are 16 children in this class with 2 teachers. Developmentally appropriate experiences in art, music, math, science, language, as well as activities that encourage large and small motor development are provided throughout the morning, continuing to build upon those skills acquired in the three-year-old class.

Transitional Kindergarten:
Traditionally, the children in this program have had 2 years of preschool, and turn 5 years old in the summer or fall. The class consists of children from our own preschool program and children from other local programs. Children in this class continue to develop and strengthen their emotional and social skills as well as their cognitive skills, through activities such as group times, journals, and field trips.

Summer Program:
The Rockwell summer program will run for 10 weeks, during June, July, and August.