Rockwell Parent News


  • Children need warm outerwear, including snow pants, mittens, boots, and hats for winter outdoor play.  Please make sure to label all of these items with your child's name.  We do take note of the outside temperature, and do not go out for extended periods if it is extremely cold.
  • We greatly appreciate your cooperation in keeping children home when they have fevers, bad coughs and colds.  
  • We follow Lasell College when closing for snow days.  I will change the message on the office phone (617-243-2355) to indicate that we are closed.  The information can also be found at, and on Lasell's snow line at 617-243-2208.  If Lasell delays opening, we will also delay opening.   If you have not yet returned your child's stay-day January schedule or his/her contract for 2019-20, please do so when we return.  
  • Parking and drop-offs are not allowed in the driveway/parking lot off Studio Road.   
  • If you use our drop-off extended day hours, please pay for this time by the end of that week.