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Holway Early Childhood Centers - Rockwell Preschool


Everyday at school is special with new opportunities for discovering and learning in an environment created for the security, growth, and enrichment of the developing child.  Rockwell believes that all children can develop each intelligence skill if given the opportunity and encouragement in an environment that is enriched with teachers who focus on the individual development of every child.

At Rockwell we encourage family involvement. Parents are always welcome to spend time in the classrooms to share special interests and talents, through planned curriculum and special events. Teachers are available to conference with parents at any time upon request, and scheduled conferences are planned by the staff in the fall. Each spring, written reports detailing each child's progress are given to parents.

We ask our parents to be a part of the Advisory Board, to help us in our fundraising program, to be class coordinators, and to serve on specific committees that emerge throughout the year.