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When the Brennan Library does not own an item, we can request it from another library. Patrons can use the library catalog and use the blue "request" button to order materials owned at other Minuteman libraries. Alternatively, Lasell patrons may fill out ILL forms and the library staff will request materials to be sent over to Lasell.
Book request online form
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Contact for all Interlibrary Loan questions.


Lasell faculty may request to have items placed on reserve. Reserve materials circulate for two hours and cannot leave the library. Items owned by the Brennan Library, and professor's personal copies of items can go on reserve, but materials borrowed from other libraries cannot go on reserve. To learn more about reserves and read our policy, click here. To place items on reserve, please fill out the Reserves Request form. To remove items from reserve, please fill out the Reserve Withdrawal form.   

Contact our Technical Services and Electronic Resources Librarian, Dev Singer,, with all reserves questions.


Collection Priorities:
The priority of collection development and selection of materials for the Brennan Library is to meet the information and research needs of academic programs at Lasell College, and their students and faculty. Collections should include core materials for each discipline, along with up to date, reputable, and significant new works.

The Brennan Library uses a format-neutral approach to collection development; the propriety of online versus tangible materials varies according to discipline, and to what degree a program serves its students on campus and from a distance. With the increase in availability and use of electronic resources, the Library aims to bolster and promote online content and to improve discoverability and accessibility of these sources. See our full Collection Development Policy here.