Library Instruction Requests

Brennan Library

Library Instruction

At Brennan library, we believe in the importance to create a space for students to explore and develop information literacy skills. An information literate student is a lifelong learner that is able to evaluate and use information ethically and effectively. We believe that it is necessary to foster these skills to be a successful professional in today's world.

Types of instruction available

  • Group instruction in teaching lab
  • Drop-in individual instruction at reference desk
  • Individual or group appointments for in depth instruction
  • E-mail reference

Faculty guidelines for requesting instruction:

  When to schedule:

  • How far in advance: In order to allow us time to fully prepare, please try to schedule the class at least three business days before the date you would like to bring your class. Certain times in the semester are particularly busy; therefore it is a good idea to have more than one date in mind.
  •  When during the semester? : Scheduling the library instruction in conjunction with a research assignment will provide context for students and is a critical for student motivation and learning.

Faculty Involvement:

  • Course Professor Presence: In order to provide the most effective library instruction, we highly recommend the course instructor be present with their class.  This emphasizes the importance and value of the research process to students and enables students to ask questions not only about the research process but also about their assignment.
  • Course Professor / Librarian Consultation: To ensure that the library instruction meets the needs of the class, the course professor should provide relevant course material such as the syllabus, course assignment and student topics to the librarian as well as communicate their student learning outcomes.

Please complete the appropriate online form below to request library instruction.