Kyo Yamawaki Education Library

Opened in January 2019, the Kyo Yamawaki Education Library is located on the ground floor of the Brennan Library building, near the Teaching & Learning Center.

The Education Library maintains a rich collection of fiction and nonfiction books for children from birth through middle school. It serves Lasell's education students, the Holway Child Study Centers, and other patrons interested in the collection.

The Education Library is open five days a week during the academic year. Please see the Hours and Calendar page for further details on hours.

Brennan Library's main collection includes young adult novels for older audiences, college-level education books, test prep books, and curriculum materials, as well as additional copies of the most popular titles in the Education Library.

For more information on the Education Library's collection, please see our guide to the Education Library.

If you have any questions regarding the Education Library, please contact Jill Shoemaker, Head of Instruction and Research Services.