Online Payments though ePay

The faster, greener way to pay!

To access ePay - Log in to Self Service through myLasell, click ‘ePay' to go to the ‘your account' page of ePay. You will see the following:

Your Account - summarizes the balance on your Lasell Student Account, has a link to make payment on that account, and shows the last payment made. Note: if your Lasell Student Account has a credit balance, ePay will display your balance as $0.

Your Recent Payments - displays the most recent 3 payments; click ‘View All' for a complete history

Authorized Users - set up people you wish to make payments on your account; see detailed directions for this process by clicking ‘help' on the top menu bar, then ‘Parent Logins'. Note: Authorized Users will NOT have access to Self Service and detailed Student Account information; they will only see the student's account balance via ePay. Once the Authorized User is set up, they may access ePay at

Saved Payment Methods - during the payment process, you will have the opportunity to save your checking/savings or credit card account information for future use. The student and authorized users can only see his/her own Saved Payment Methods; Saved Payment Methods are secure by user.

To make a payment - Click ‘make a payment' on the top menu bar OR the link in the ‘Your Account' box. You will see some or all of the following:

- If your Lasell Student Account has a balance greater than $0, the balance for each term will be displayed
- Optional payment items, such as the Enrollment and Parking Deposits, will be displayed
- A link to the Student Accounts Billing Policies and Fees document
- Click an item you wish to pay.... click ‘Add to Shopping Cart'... click ‘Continue Shopping' to pay for more items OR click ‘Checkout' to complete the payment process.
- That's it! Payment is on your Lasell Student Account & an email receipt is sent within minutes.
- Use the ePay ‘help' button on the top menu bar for answers to many questions or contact Student Accounts at

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State Board of Higher Education Approves New Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice  Wednesday, December 17, 2014The Massachusetts Board of Higher Education has approved a new Master’s degree in Criminal Justice at Lasell that will offer students multiple concentrations in Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Violence Prevention and Advocacy as well as a flexible Criminal Justice option. The online program launches in Fall 2015.

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