Faculty and Staff Directory

Vito La Francesca, 
Head Soccer Coach Women

Office: Forest Suites
Tel: (617) 243-2106
Email: vlafrancesca@Lasell.edu

Jeffrey Lacure, Ph D

Michael LaFarr, DRPS

Ronald Laham, M Ed

Email: rlaham@lasell.edu

Tianna Lall, BA
Admission Counselor

Victor Lalli, 
Barn Music Teacher

Office: The Barn
Email: VLalli@lasell.edu

Jake LaMorte, BS
Asst Coach Lacrosse Men

Wayne Lamoureux, 
Director of Plant Operations

Email: wlamoureux@lasell.edu

Scott Lamphere, M Ed
Dir Disability Ser/Conduct Sys

Office: Edwards Student Center
Tel: (617) 243-2124
Email: slamphere@Lasell.edu

Lisa Langelier, 
Lead Teacher

Office: The Barn
Tel: (617) 243-2285
Email: llangelier@Lasell.edu

Corey Lanois, MS

Eric Lanthier, 
Dir. Institutional Research

Office: Potter Hall
Tel: (617) 243-2433
Email: ELanthier@lasell.edu

Jeremy LaPointe, BS
Area Coordinator

Office: Edwards Student Center
Tel: (617) 243-2124
Email: jlapointe@lasell.edu

Michael Laramee, Ph D
Assistant Professor

Email: MLaramee@Lasell.edu

Jeffrey Larsen, JD

Email: JLarsen@lasell.edu

Melanie Larson, MS
Sr. Research & Evaluation Spec

Office: Potter Hall
Tel: (617) 243-2050
Email: mlarson@lasell.edu

Sheilarae Lau, Master's

Email: slau@lasell.edu

Alla Lazebnik, MFA

Tessa Le Roux, Ph D

Office: Plummer House
Tel: (617) 243-2104
Email: tleroux@lasell.edu

Michelle LeBlanc, 
Police Lieutenant

Office: Mt. Ida Public Safety
Tel: (617) 243-2269
Email: mleblanc@Lasell.edu

Tania Lee, 
Instructional Technologist

Email: tlee@lasell.edu

Margo Lemieux, MFA
Associate Professor

Office: Yamawaki Center
Tel: (617) 243-2436
Email: mlemieux@lasell.edu

Bradi Lenentine, MA
Director of International Admission

Office: Hamel House
Tel: (617) 243-2229
Email: blenentine@lasell.edu

Betsy Leondar-Wright, Ph D
Assistant Professor

Office: Klingbeil House
Tel: (617) 243-2140
Email: bleondar-wright@lasell.edu

Anthony Leone, 

Office: Buildings and Grounds
Tel: (617) 243-2220
Email: aleone@lasell.edu

Monique Leone, 
Administrative Assistant

Office: DeArment
Tel: (617) 243-2391
Email: MLeone@lasell.edu

Molly Leong, M Ed
Academic Advisor

Office: Bancroft House
Tel: (617) 243-2031
Email: MLeong@lasell.edu

Jennifer Leszkiewicz, MSW
Clinical Counselor

Office: 18 Maple Terrace
Tel: (617) 243-2054
Email: jleszkiewicz@lasell.edu

Christopher Levine, BS
Admission Counselor

Office: Hamel House
Tel: (617) 243-2231

Nancy Levine, MS

Office: Wass Hall
Tel: (617) 243-2431
Email: nlevine@lasell.edu

Robert Levine, 

Jared Lewis, BS
Asst Coach Soccer Men

Email: JLewis@lasell.edu

Samuel Lewis, Ph D

Greer Lezama, 
Staff Assistant/Enrollment Mgt.

Office: Potter Hall
Tel: (617) 243-2133
Email: ggolding@lasell.edu

Jessica Liberty, 
Athletic Trainer

Office: Athletic Center

Thomas Lightner, Ph D
Visiting Asst Professor

Lori L'Italien, MA

Ye Liu, 
Coordinator Instructional Tech

Office: Brennan Library - Lower Level
Tel: (617) 243-2001
Email: yliu@lasell.edu

Stephanie Long, 
Admission Counselor

Office: Hamel House
Tel: (617) 243-2203
Email: smlong@lasell.edu

Christine Lookner, MA
Director, International Svcs

Tel: (617) 243-2345
Email: clookner@lasell.edu

Luis Lopez-Preciado, Ph D
Assistant Professor

Office: Donahue Center
Tel: (617) 243-2053
Email: LLopezPreciado@lasell.edu

Sharyn Lowenstein, Ed D
Associate Professor

Office: Klingbeil House
Tel: (617) 243-2156
Email: slowenstein@lasell.edu

Kathryn Lucey, 
Barn Substitute Teacher

Office: Rockwell: Child Care Center
Tel: (617) 243-2355
Email: klucey@Lasell.edu

Christopher Lynett, MS
Director Web & Electronic Mktg

Office: Hamel House
Tel: (617) 243-2211
Email: clynett@lasell.edu