Faculty and Staff Directory

Nikki D'Addario, M S

Fouad Dagher, M A

Michael Daley, Ph D
Associate Professor

Office: 26 Maple Terrace
Tel: (617) 243-2126
Email: mdaley@Lasell.edu

Donna Daniels, M Ed
Director Human Resources

Office: Eager House
Tel: (617) 243-2176
Email: ddaniels@lasell.edu

Craig Davis, M A

Email: cdavis@lasell.edu

Robert Davis, 
Shuttle Driver

Office: Winslow Hall Lower level
Tel: (617) 243-2202
Email: rdavis@lasell.edu

Paul Debole, J D
Assistant Professor

Office: Klingbeil House
Tel: (617) 243-2009
Email: pdebole@lasell.edu

Rebecca Deluca, M S
Asst Dir Communications

Joseph Demita, B A
Play Director - Temp

Christopher Depina, A A
Security Officer

Marilyn Dewar, M Ed

Office: Wass Hall
Tel: (617) 243-2065
Email: mdewar@lasell.edu

Erin DiGuardia, B A
Development Coordinator

Office: Irwin Hall
Tel: (617) 243-2463
Email: ediguardia@lasell.edu

Wendy Dillon, B A
Major Gift Officer

Tel: (617) 243-2282

Diane Dion, 
Assistant Director of Communications

Office: Holway House
Tel: (617) 243-2386
Email: ddion@lasell.edu

Mary Dion, B A
Admission Counselor

Office: Hamel House
Tel: (617) 243-2255
Email: mdion@lasell.edu

John Dirlam, M A

Office: Wass Hall
Email: jdirlam@lasell.edu

Heather Dixon, B S
Associate Director

Office: Potter Hall
Tel: (617) 243-2103
Email: hdixon@lasell.edu

Theodore Doehner, M A

Jennifer Doherty, M F A

Email: jmullinsdoherty@lasell.edu

Joan Dolamore, Ed D

Office: Klingbeil House
Tel: (617) 243-2485
Email: jdolamore@lasell.edu

Deirdre Donovan, M Ed
Assistant Professor

Email: ddonovan@lasell.edu

Justina Dostie, 
Administrative Assistant

Office: Lasell Village
Tel: (617) 633-7076
Email: JDostie@Lasell.edu

William Downey, B A

Jenifer Drew, Ph D
Associate Professor

Office: Plummer House
Tel: (617) 243-2196
Email: jdrew@lasell.edu

Cynthia Duffy, 
Teacher Part time

Office: Rockwell Child Care Center
Tel: (617) 243-2011
Email: cduff@Lasell.edu

Esen Dukanci, M S
Intern - Paid

Office: Eager House
Tel: (617) 243-2457
Email: edukanci@lasell.edu

Timothy Dunton, 
Head Lacrosse Coach Men

Office: Athletic Center
Tel: (617) 243-2213
Email: tdunton@lasell.edu

John Dziamba, J D