Support from IT

You are not required to bring a computer to campus, but we strongly recommend that you make the investment. There are kiosks and public computer labs on campus available to students for academic work.

Accessing Computer Services
Resident students at Lasell are provided with a fast Ethernet connection to the College network and Internet in their residence halls.

Public computing facilities such as Brennan Library, the Learning Center, and Computer Labs provide for academic and social interactions as well as access to other technologies such as scanners, printers, and specialized software.

There are five wireless zones on campus including: Brennan Library, Glow Student Lounge, Eddies, the Learning Center, and the Campus Center. These zones provide access to the internet from laptops.

Technical Support
The ITeam Help Desk offers students the technical support to connect their computers to the Lasell Network. For other problems, students are invited to attend one of the ITeam's “Troubleshooting Seminars.”

Additionally, the ITeam Help Desk offers free workshops on applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

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Lasell Introduces Cross-Registration Program with Regis College, Expanding on Courses Offered  Monday, March 30, 2015Lasell College will begin a cross-registration program with Regis College this Fall, enabling undergraduate students to enroll in additional courses there at no additional cost. Lasell students will be able to add selected Regis courses to their Lasell schedule starting with pre-registration this April.

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