Technology at Lasell

A Message from the CIO

At Lasell, you will be joining a community of people devoted to using technology to support learning and collaboration in your areas of interest and program of study.

Coursework — In and out of class, Lasell faculty are increasingly using instructional technology to engage your interests and intellectual imagination as part of our “connected learning” philosophy. Some examples of these electronic approaches are: simulation software, course web pages, class forums, electronic portfolios, visual presentation, streaming video, multi-media, and internet based explorations.

Support Services Multimedia Authoring — The use of special equipment and software for incorporating audio and video into class projects is increasing in many course and programs. Cameras, video equipment, lighting, and video editing computers are all
available to students for these projects.

The library catalogs, research databases, full-text electronic journals, books, and streaming media are available online, with much of this material accessible off-campus. Assistance with your research projects is available by meeting with library staff, who can also answer some questions by phone or over email.

Looking Toward Graduation and a Career — The Lasell curriculum offers general and profession-specific training programs that help you to be fluent in current information technologies when you graduate. In your Information Technology literacy class (COMP100/101), you will acquire the technical skills needed to develop presentations, format a paper, process large data sets, and learn how to use the technical systems at Lasell.

Whether you are looking for a part-time job, internship, or full-time job after graduation, the career services web site provides information resources and job postings that will help you find the right placement.

Deborah L. Gelch, CIO

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