Programs and Services

It is important to remember that the safety of the community rests with everyone. Overall campus security depends members of the community reporting any suspicious behavior they happen to detect. All crimes, suspected criminal activity, suspicious incidents or any emergencies should be reported immediately to the Lasell Police at ext. 2279 (617-243-2279)

Reporting a Crime

The Lasell College Police can be contacted 24 hours a day to report any crime or suspected criminal activity by calling extension 2279 (617-243-2279). Crimes can also be reported at Student Affairs, at extension 2124, and under certain circumstances to the Health Center at extension 2217 and the Counseling Center at extension 2145. Individuals can also utilize any emergency phone on campus to report any crime .

Emergency Phones

There are emergency telephones located throughout the campus. With the push of one button these telephones will automatically connect the caller with the Lasell College Police. Emergency phones are located in all of the parking lots on campus and at the entrance to all the large residence halls.

Awareness Programs

During fall orientation students attend a session administered by officers of the Lasell College Police Department. This orientation session provides them with important information detailing the services the department offers and an emphasis on the issues that are designed to raise their awareness of personal safety and residence hall security. Throughout the year crime prevention and awareness information are sent to all members of the community to remind them about common crime prevention tips and any unusual occurrences on campus.

The Lasell College Police Department sends a representative to all Campus Information Fairs where they provide important safety tips and crime prevention information.

Crime Prevention

In an effort to enhance crime prevention on campus we have installed numerous closed circuit video cameras to monitor the entrances to residence halls, parking lots, underground parking facilities, along with many exterior common areas; all of the entrances to our large residence halls are currently monitored. The cameras record activities around the clock and the system saves all recordings so that they can be reviewed when necessary. The cameras are monitored at the Lasell Police Department offices.

In addition, department officers are constantly monitoring lighting issues throughout campus and immediately notify Buildings and Grounds whenever a problem is discovered so immediate repairs can be made. The college conducts annual lighting walks where a committee comprised of school administrators and maintenance facilities personnel walk the entire campus and make recommendations for lighting updates that help to insure that all areas of the campus are well lit.

Shuttle/Escort Service

A shuttle service is provided to students seven days a week (excluding break periods) throughout the academic year. The shuttle follows a scheduled route that transports students throughout the campus, and to the nearest public transportation site located at the Riverside MBTA station, as well as to other local areas. Schedules are available in the Lasell College Police Office as well as the Office of Student Affairs and at the Student InformationCenter. Emergency phone service is provided in all parking lots to request the shuttle or to summon Campus Police.

During the hours that the shuttle is not operating the Lasell College Police will escort students, when requested, to insure their safety.

Access to Campus Buildings

During normal business hours, Monday through Friday, all campus buildings, with the exception of residence halls, are open and accessible to all students, faculty, staff, visitors, and guests. After hours all buildings are secured and individuals that are authorized access to specific buildings are provided with the necessary keys. Individuals wishing to access buildings during non-business hours or during time periods when the buildings are normally closed should contact the Lasell College Police to arrange access.

Access to Residence Halls

All exterior doors to the residence halls are secured 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lasell College utilizes three different types of housing; suite style, traditional style, and residential houses. The suite and traditional style residence halls utilize a state-of-the-art automated card access system. The house style halls utilize lock and key mechanisms in order to secure them. Guests and other visitors may visit any residence hall as long as they are accompanied by a resident of the building. All exterior doors of the suite and traditional style residence halls are equipped with an audible alarm that activates if an exterior door remains open for more than one minute.