What We Want the College to Become

The items below collectively present a picture of what we expect to find different about Lasell College in the Fall of 2017 from what existed in Fall 2011. The numbers below are meant to be minimums, not maximums. For example, we expect to have an enrollment of at least 500 graduate students by 2017; it may well be more.

  • Institute on-line undergraduate and degree completion program
  • Offer eight total master’s degree programs
  • Ensure competitive compensation for adjunct faculty (at mid-point of peer group)
  • Identify two additional signature/niche programs
  • Establish summer term for undergraduates (may be online)
  • Require faculty to use Moodle online course management system in 100% of classes
  • Increase undergraduate courses taught by full-time faculty to 67%
  • Implement distinctive general education program
  • Determine credit structure best suited to Connected Learning
  • Initiate capital campaign sufficient to support College goals
  • Reduce electricity, gas and water consumption by 10%
  • Maintain consistent first-year retention rate > 75%
  • Provide professional advisors for all first-year students
  • Make available 24/7/365 on-line support for students
  • Enroll 500 graduate students (headcount per semester)
  • Enroll 1,800 undergraduate students (with at least 100 online)
  • Build new athletic center
  • Renovate Wass Hall
  • Renovate Valentine Dining Hall
  • Renovate Woodland bathrooms
  • Install SMART technology in all classrooms

Student Profile

Katie RathbunHospitality Management, Class of 2016"I wanted a small school with small class sizes where the teacher knew my name."  

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Lasell College Fashion Students Ready to Show their Skills in Runway 2016  Monday, April 25, 2016After a year of sketching, sewing and planning – students have one night to show their talents and highlight their hard work in the annual Runway fashion show. Lasell’s Fashion Department will host its 27th annual runway show this weekend with an Undergraduate Show on April 29 and the Senior Collection Show on April 30. Both events begin at 7pm at the Athletic Center.

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