Positioning Statement

Positioning is the expression of a concept that can serve as the basis for developing a strong and distinctive identity for Lasell College. We continue to feel that our identity should be built upon the strength of our distinctive educational philosophy, which we call “Connected Learning.”

We have expressed this concept in various ways, including the phrases on this page.

What Distinctive Spot Can We Own in the Market?
     Where the Classroom is the Real World
     Experience Every Day
     Connected Learning

Lasell also expresses its position in sentences such as:
At Lasell we give our students the opportunity to practice and prepare for the real world through a project-based and problem-based approach to teaching, through exposure to diverse cultures and peoples, through the development of critical skills such as writing and speaking in front of groups and through confrontation with ethical and moral questions.

News Highlight

President Alexander Responds to the Tragedy in Orlando  Thursday, June 16, 2016We the people of the United States cherish our freedoms. Whether it be the freedom to say what we want, to assemble in groups of our choosing, to follow the religions of our choice, to vote as our conscience demands, to own and carry weapons, to start new businesses and make money, and to move about as we please -- these are values we hold dear and are reluctant to compromise.

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