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Students Learn from Panelists of Law Enforcement Round Table

October 16, 2013

Criminal justice majors and other Lasell students got a behind the scenes view of law enforcement roles post 9/11 as part of Lasell's annual Law Enforcement Roundtable event.

The 5th Annual Federal Law Enforcement Roundtable featured four law enforcement officials from the federal Drug Enforcement Association, U.S Marshals Service and U.S Secret Service who discussed their experiences and gave students tips for seeking a career in the field.

The event, held October 8 in de Witt Hall, featured DEA Special Agent John Aruanistis, Chief Deputy of the United State Marshals Service Jon Murray, United States Marshal John Gibbons, and United States Secret Service Special Agent Steven Ricciardi. Each also spoke about how their jobs incorporate efforts to reduce terrorism domestically and abroad.

Aruanistis discussed narcotic and drug trafficking issues that have arisen abroad, telling the audience about the DEA's offices located around the world, including one in Afghanistan - a high drug trafficking area.

Gibbons, United States Marshal for Massachusetts, spoke about his involvement in the protection, fugitive and witness protection programs. while United States Marshal Murray discussed the security role he has played abroad to protect the United States.

Secret Service Special Agent Ricciardi described his role in investigations, international affairs and with other groups such as the FBI and DEA.

During a follow up discussion with the audience, Aruanistis said cooperation among these agencies is vital.

"Working together helps in our field. We reach out and multiply programs, we don't want to step on a case that another organization is working on," he said.

- Christina Nalepa


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